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TcAdmin Command Line Changer

The following commandline variables are examples applicable to CounterStrike:Source and many other "Source" based games.

To use the command line changer you must select edit to the right of the command line to edit. If there is only one command line you must create one first by using the" New" button at the bottom of the page.

The following are all the command line paramiters for CSS that you have access to:

Command Description Default Value
-game Set Game Type "cstrike"
+exec Execute config command "server.cfg"
-insecure Makes your CSS server non VAC True
+mp_dynamicpricing Enables or disables dynamic pricing 0 = disables 1 = enables disabled
-secure Make server VAC True
+map Starting map command "de_aztec"
-tickrate 66 Changes Tickrate to 66
-tickrate 75 Changes tic rate to 75
-tickrate 100 Change tickrate to 100 tic
+fps_max 600 Admin Set FPS "600"

NB: For tickrate only one of the above parameters may be selected

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